Our Mission

Bodhi was born when its founders recognized a problem in the food market: organic and plant-based foods are only availible  at overpriced natural food markets. Healthy foods shouldn't be this inaccessible and quality shouldn't have to come at such a high cost. We strive to make plant-based and USDA certified products cheaper and more accessible. In doing this, we hope to empower others to find the healthy lifestyles they've been searching for, beginning with the foods they put into their bodies.

Why Tea?

Like the quality products we offer, we decided to grow our company organically. This meant starting simply. Rather than raising money the traditional way, we gathered the resources available to us and grew what you see today. We didn’t have the might to begin with a wide variety of products. So we launched where we could, and what better place to begin than a natural, eco-friendly beverage like Tea.

Our Tea

Our commitment to you is to bring the highest quality products available. Having been matcha fanatics ourselves, we understand matchas enormous upside. It's a virtually calorie-free source of natural energy and packs an abundance of nutrients. We also understand the difference in quality available. As with wines, quality is everything with matchas.  We took it upon ourselves to bring you the best ceremonial and cooking matcha available.
All teas are made of the same components. Where and how they are grown and processed determines the flavor and make up of the tea.  Our USDA certified organic matcha is grown, processed, and harvested abroad using the traditional Japanese method. All of our teas are processed and stored until the perfect flavor has settled before they are allowed into the US for your consumption. Our matcha is shade grown and has a delicate texture and sweet flavor due to its richness in theanine. Because it has been harvested so well, the taste of Bodhi's matcha is distinct in its quality of flavor.

Help Us Decide

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Patrick Harris