Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set

Our Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set Includes:

Hand made, 80 prong bamboo matcha whisk  Hand made ceramic bowl  Matcha Tea spoon Whisk stand 

Essential Utensils to Celebrate your Tea, The Matcha Ceremonial Set

 The bamboo whisk (chasen) was invented centuries ago for the purpose of bringing matcha tea to life. It is uniquely suited to create the distinct frothy texture matcha requires, and the delicate bamboo prongs do so without harming your tea bowl. The tea spoon (chashaku) is perfect for measuring out matcha powder and scooping tea out of a matcha tea bag. And for the same reason we drink wine in stemware, the matcha bowl (chawan) is the best vessel for observing and celebrating the taste, aroma, and color of your matcha tea.