Tea Starter Kit - Our complete Matcha gift set and Premium Grade Ceremonial Matcha Tea


  • A matcha tea bowl
  • A bamboo whisk and celadon whisk holder
  • A matcha tea spoon
  • 100 grams of our Premium grade, ceremonial Matcha - yields about 50 servings. If you would like 100 grams of another tea instead of Matcha with your kit, please notify our customer service at the bottom left of your screen and we'll gladly change the order.

Bringing it together (description): 

  1. MATCHA. Add one teaspoon of stirred matcha to the tea bowl. (If using a traditionall tea scoop, add 2 heaving scoops.)
  2. WATER. Add two ounces of hot water (preferably filtered or bottled) at 180° F to the bowl. For a richer, fuller body, use just one ounce of water.
  3. WHISK. Whisk the tea and water in a vigorous back and forth motion until the tea is dissolved and a light froth appears.